1 of 5 Men Had Email Secrets to Flirting with Other Women

A survey had found that men using the old email account to keep in touch with ex-lovers or those who do not like their lovers. But more than that, there are 10 percent of men are known to create a new email account, specifically used for flirting with other women.

Even one of 20 men admitted to having an additional phone to keep it secret so as not to know the lover. The main reason why 1 in 5 men tend to have a secret email accounts, one of them looking for an opportunity to flirt with a female friend, and because of financial secrecy.

Although there are some men who do not have additional phone, but 77 percent of them deleting text messages on their cell phones. Just in case if at any time their girlfriend or wife ‘peek’ conversation on the phone.

“Normally we do have the details that are privacy but most of us feel guilty if you accidentally leave the phone at home, office or even public transport. If your phone is stolen, you’ll never know what could happen with personal data (on the phone), “said Mike Hodges, CEO of BullGuard, a leading Internet security company from the UK.

Added again by Mike, of the many respondents who made a secret email, 20 percent said that the email was made solely because there are certain things that do not need to know his lover. It seems the tendency to make man a secret email or have additional phone (an unknown lover) to be reasonable. Because there are more than 5 percent partner because he decided to see anything suspicious in their phone.

Another reason why men keep a personal email account, because email is often used as a vent scene with fellow men. They often tell the love relationship problems via email, and do not want their partner to know.