Beautiful Face Without Oil Layer

The face is clean and bright is the desire of every woman. You do not want your beauty coated with oil along the skin of the face. Therefore, you are always trying to keep the look fresh always face all day.

The face is still fresh from morning to evening without having to re-touch makeup or patting her face with wax paper is better than a face full of oil. So that the oil does not interfere with the appearance of your face, try the following tips, as quoted from Ourvanity.

Avoid alcoholic cleansers
Some facial cleansers or toners have alcohol content in a variety of different names and terms. Initially, the face may feel rough, clean, and fresh, but it’s only temporary. As more and more natural oil is drained from the face, the skin will produce more oil. So that will actually face more oily.

Do not be too frequent cleansing
Display a clean face is nice to hold and feels comfortable while oily face will feel sticky. As explained above points, the more natural oils are cleaned, then the face will be producing oil. So do not be surprised if you get clear skin is not obtained, even otherwise the skin will become oily and more prone to breakouts.

Use water-based products
Some of the moisturizers and creams contain oils that aims to moisturize the skin. If you have oily skin, avoid using these types of products. Choose a cream-based moisturizer and water, so it is not heavy on the skin. So it can hydrate without making skin more oily.

Healthy eating
Something happens to your body has nothing to do with what you eat. For that reason, avoid some foods that can make your skin produce more oil and acne, such as sugar, saturated fats and products with trans fats. Eat foods with fatty acids such as fish, in addition to fresh fruit and vegetables. In addition to preventing acne and provide nutrients, these foods can control oil production in the skin.

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