Cozy Legs To Make With New Shoes

Before buying clothing and accessories, you certainly should try it first before you can choose the appropriate item and easy to mix and match with clothes that have been previously owned. Not least when you buy new shoes. Any number of shoes you have, the shoe also takes care to always be able to enhance your appearance and comfortable on your feet.

New shoes generally require special treatment before you start using it. What are you to do? Some of the tips below you should notice when acquainted with the new shoes.

Exercise use
Since the initial purchase, you should now choose the size that fits comfortably in the foot. Then try your new shoes, as this will make the shoes and your feet adjust to each other.

Try with socks
New shoes tend to be more tense and cramped. Try to use socks, new shoes will become more flexible and fit on your feet. Convenience will be maintained thereafter.

Stuffed the paper ball
In the new shoes, usually equipped with paper stuffed in it. Once you buy it, do not throw away the paper. Because it can serve to maintain shoe shape and elasticity of the shoe when you save.

Flexibility test
Test the firmness of your shoe body. Do not worry about broken or raised line because it will only appear after you use these shoes. Perform this test to familiarize shoe flexibility to be more flexible with the movement of your feet every day.

Print the bottom layer sol
Some shoes have soles are slippery because there is no texture on the surface. It would be a little dangerous because it makes it easy to skid. Bring to a shoe expert to make certain sculptures on the surface to be anti-slip soles during use.

Know the condition of your new shoes, new shoes can feel so comfortable on the feet and your appearance.