Eyeliner Right To Beautify Eyes

The beauty of the eyes are important from the appearance of women. That is why many beauty products created to beautify the appearance of the eye. One important part of the make up is eyeliner.

Affixing eyeliner can affect the appearance of your eyes. Even so, using the eyeliner is not easy. You must carefully select the type of eyeliner and understand how to use it. For that, consider the explanation of some of the following types of eyeliner and tips for use, as quoted from Our Vanity.

Pencil eyeliner
Type eyeliner pencil is the most popular and easy to use. If you like this kind of eyeliner, pencil eyeliner you should select a good quality, safe, and tested. Before use, check first whether the eyeliner cause allergies in your skin. Always sharpen eyeliner pencil before using, to remove bacteria. But not too pointy so as not to hurt your skin. Do not forget to use it after wearing eyeliner eyeshadow.

Liquid Eyeliner
Eyeliner of this type usually consist of tubes or bottles with tapered for easier use. Liquid eyeliner colors have more variants and more durable. When it dries eyeliner on your eyelid, do not touch except to use water.

Before using this type of eyeliner, make sure that the brush is clean. Also, make sure your elbows stick anyway and solid, so your hands do not shake when drawing lines. Do not stretch your eyelids when you use this liquid eyeliner.

Cake eyeliner
Type of eyeliner is commonly used by cosmetic professionals and can only be used with water. To use cake eyeliner, you just need a quiet hand and not vibrate, as well as make up a good draft.

Gel eyeliner
Gel eyeliner is almost the same as cake eyeliner, but eyeliner can be used without water. How to use it is similar to liquid eyeliner, gel eyeliner but contains less water.

Once you know some kind of eyeliner and how to use them, they just try to present the appearance of your beautiful eyes desired.