Give the impression area with a mirror in the room

Many objects have a variety of functions, one of which is a mirror. A mirror not only serves to see the reflection of something that is there in front of him. This one thing it has many functions that could be useful for everyone. As one of the furniture in the house, the mirror can also be a decoration that can enhance the atmosphere of the room.

As the information that the mirror has advantages when compared with other accessories in the house, the ability to adapt to a variety of model homes. Starting from the house to apply a minimalist, classic, elegant to, the use of a mirror can be a very functional accessory.

For those of you who want to beautify your home, check out some of the benefits of following the good placement of the mirror in the room, as quoted by Freshome.

Expanding small room
In the small room like an apartment, a mirror is an economical solution for making homes look to appear more spacious by giving some illusion. You can put a mirror on the wall opposite the window, then see how the room will look more spacious several times before.

The house looks more comfortable
If you put a mirror in one room, then it can make a person more comfortable in the room. Try to put a glass in the kitchen, without realizing it you will enjoy a lot more time to spend in the kitchen.

Better lighting
Placing mirrors around the entrance could provide good lighting, especially when there are guests who visit. For a large house, you can add a small table, flower decoration, lights, and mirrors on the wall of the outside of the house to create a more comfortable atmosphere.

Apply the science of feng shui
In addition to considering a few tricks in the placement of the mirror, it does not hurt if you apply the science of feng shui to place. Because in the science of feng shui, mirrors are believed to bring positive value for homeowners.

Mirror is the recommended placement in the dining room. You can put the glass on the dinner table, because the science of Feng Shui, this will bring good luck and rich . Mirror also represents the element of water, so lay it on the wall mirror to get the light to give positive energy to the users.

Anything suggested by the interior designer, the most important is the appropriate placement then your house is always in a state of comfortable and enjoyable for anyone who was in it.