How To Take Care Heel Brokes

Cracked heel often we suffer and the cause is a condition of your feet are broken, there are two, namely internal and external. Internal factors, including age and hormonal disorders. While external factors can be caused by drastic weather changes and the use of soap or detergent. The content of soda in the detergent causes the skin to lose moisture feet in large numbers, making it very dry and eventually crack. The skin on the heel is thicker than the skin of the foot, especially the heel anywhere since receiving loads in everyday life. Cracked heel may occur because of the way the way you are wrong, the use of high heels, too much exposure to dust, excess weight gain to a fungal infection on your heels.
To treat cracked heels, you can rub the heel by using a pumice stone. Rub your heels with the direction of turning the heel. Besides using a pumice stone, you can also use garlic, rub garlic on your heels. Before you rub garlic or heels with a pumice stone, foot or heel soak in warm water for 15 minutes. Once soaked and cleaned it dry then rub your heels with garlic.
Another habit that often causes cracked heels are not wearing footwear. Barefoot in damp or muddy because your feet are in direct contact with the floor often causes cracked heels easily. If you often wear shoes, try not to wear shoes with a size that is too narrow or even just barely at the foot to reduce friction between leather shoes with your feet. You can also use heel pads to avoid excessive pressure on the heel.
If your heels are cracked not yet subsided, you can buy special medicine to treat it. Do not forget to use a skin lotion containing AHAs to add moisture to your heels. Use smoothing cream heels every day especially at night because at night the skin is really rest and use lotion will readily react. Although heels are no longer cracked, you still maintain the beauty and health is being damaged again.