How to Whiten Face Naturally

Having a clean white face is the desire of every woman. Many whitening facial currently available with a variety of prices and the rate of speed of different results. Instantly whiten the face is easy but if you know the impact the days to come? Skin care creams are used as bleach contains many chemicals that are harmful for skin health. If seen from the result is an instant way to whiten the face faster but safer natural ingredients and the result is the same as the creams in cosmetic stores.
You can use natural ingredients to whiten the face such as yam, white rice, and egg white. Fruit yam is believed to naturally whiten the face so that the fruit can be processed into soap, scrub, day cream and night cream. Fruit yam can also be used instantly by taking yam starch and dried or made as a face mask. Honey can also be used as a natural face bleach. Honey is a liquid is very beneficial to humans because it can be consumed in addition, honey also plays an important role in the world of cosmetics. cosmetics is now widely used as a raw material mixture of honey as in the manufacture of face cleanser, scrub, and face creams.
Whiten the face not only from outside but you eat some food and fruits which can improve skin elasticity and protect your skin from the sun. Fruits contain many vitamins and nutrients that are important for healthy skin. Like the dragon fruit contains vitamin C and A and contains high antioxidants that help ward off free radicals. Citrus fruits, apples, and grapes are also effectively maintain the beauty of the skin and accelerate the whitening of the skin.
Consumption of fruits and drinking enough water can help maintain the beauty of skin and certain fruits such as yam can whiten facial skin naturally. Caring for natural face cream is safer than cosmetics store. Even the cream of the doctors still can cause side effects. So natural treatments are better and cheaper.