Make Up The Points For Men

In addition to look pretty, make up to be one weapon for women to attract men. However, not infrequently men should feeling lost sets women who do not look appropriate or excessive.

For important information for women! Based on the number of male opinion, as summarized from and GalTime, here are some things about the make up the most attention from the men,

Eye makeup
As many as 81 percent of the 100 men on the streets claimed, the first thing they notice about a woman is her eyes. Meanwhile, as many as 19 percent said lips are the first thing they notice.

Men generally like black-rimmed eyes. However, most women prefer to play with bright colors for eye shadow. According to anthropologist Helen Fisher. Ph.D., the author of the book “Why We Love ‘, dark eyeliner and eyeshadow to make eyes look bigger, which is considered more attractive by men. For an awesome smokey eyes makeup, apply black eyeliner plus dark gray shadow to reinforce the shape of the eye.

Cheeks flushed
Another study showed, the blood flow to your face makes you look more attractive in the eyes of men. Exercising can create the effect of fresh flushed cheeks. Alternatively, you can ‘falsify’ by applying blush to suit shaped creamy color skin.

Colour lipstick
Women love to experiment with color lipstick, bored using the same colors over time. Instead, according to the make-up artist, Carmindy, he did not really like lipstick colors are too flashy and slick shiny.

Alternatively, choose soft shades of lipstick you canĀ  thick or thin as needed. The outward appearance will accentuate the natural color of your lips, that sexy look in his eyes. To get the darker shades, apply lipstick as much as two or three times, then seal with lip gloss.

To note, you do not need to stress just as a speck of stain on the face of the unconscious man, let alone him also. The point is the effect produced overall.