Maximum Eyeshadow Eye In Different Forms

How to beautify themselves there is no limit. Maximizing the use of eye make-up can do well to make the face look more perfect. Use eyeshadow to your eye certainly there own techniques. Find out what kind before your eyes, then the application of eyeshadow will be easier.

Sunken eyes
When you have the kind of sunken eyes, choose a bright color eyeshadow. This will help your eyes appear to be bigger. This bright eyeshadow should be applied from the inner corner of the eye and to the outside. Dark eyeshadow can be applied at the outer corner point only. Then, you can mix dark eyeshadow with bright colors and drag up.

Eyes wide
Type the wide eyes can be corrected by applying a dark eyeshadow from the outer corner to the middle of the eyelid, then apply the lighter eyeshadow from the middle to the inner corner of the eye. The next step, mix two colors in the middle of the eyelid.

Eyes narrow
What is meant by kind eyes narrow is the distance between the eye and the other one is very close. For those of you who have eyes like this, should be applied with a thin eyeliner on the inside and then thickened outer corner point. The same thing applied to the use of eyeshadow.

Eyes glaze
Despite having glassy eyes, you can still make it look more fresh with raised corners of the eyes with the eyeliner high. Choose the eyeshadow that you can mix to be applied at the 2/3 eye, so it looks almost full. In order to get more leverage, mascara can also be painted with thick.

Eyes Asia
Asian eyes tend to have a narrow shape and almost like a line. You can outsmart by using eye pencil and make a clear line on the upper eyelid. Add a line at the bottom of the eye, black or white. If you want to daub mascara, make sure 2-3 times thicker, so it can make the eyes look wider.

With beautiful eyes, facial appearance will be maximized and you can be more confident. Good luck!