Oily Skin Has Positive Effect

Oily skin often underestimated not only by women but also men. In fact, despite all the trouble he caused, oily skin actually has many benefits for the skin itself. Do not believe?

Check out the full review, as quoted from the Mag for Women, the following,

Making look younger

You hesitate and confused as to why oily skin can contribute significantly to the face making it look younger? Here’s the reason, oily skin will keep moist. Thus, the folds of skin will be slower to premature aging, because getting the source of excess moisture continuously.

Natural Facial Moisturizer

Excess oil is also beneficial for you. With the increasingly damp skin, dryness and itching due to dry skin can be tricked in a natural way.

Flatten foundation

Oily skin will also help you in applying foundation. With natural moisture you have, the foundation that you use will be more equitable and durable.

Skin becomes softer

Although it contains more oil than normal skin, women with oily skin actually has a softer skin texture than women who dry or combination skin type.

Saving face moisturizer

If moisture is a powerful weapon for most women who have a dry skin type, for those who have oily skin, use a moisturizer can be very minimal. Because oily skin already provide a form of natural moisture to the skin.

Protect your skin extra

Oily skin has a thicker crust. Therefore, oily skin will be protected, even in the sun though.

Of note, the method of treatment and proper skin cleansing, oily skin can also bring a variety of benefits for you. So, no need to get angry due to the oily skin.

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