One Big Store Lingerie Wardrobe!

Almost every house must have a place for clothing storage. There is a closet in the design of large and permanent, there is also a cabinet is made of lightweight material that can be moved.

Now, wardrobe also needs space. Yes, the room. Minimal 2×3 meters. Space for storing clothes are called walk in closet. Precisely, this walk is the closet space to store clothing, including handbags, shoes, and others that allow users enter and walk in it (walk in).

Walk in closet removable hard because it is built in with a space. Usually laying near the bathroom in the master bedroom, together with a dress. So, the shower we can directly choose clothes in a walk-in closet before ornate. Out of the bedroom was in order.

As needed

Walk in closet should be tailored to the needs of owners and occupants of the house. Should the type of goods to be keep in Walk in closet beforehand specified type, such as the type and function of clothing is what will be saved, handbags, shoes, to accessories.

Based on the selection of furniture designers will then be able to plan a design that will be applied to walk-in closet as number of doors, shelves, drawers and hanging area. What is the shelf that will be used to store folding clothes, towels, and blankets, as well as how the drawer is needed to store underwear, socks, and the like.

Automatic lights

Should the current home owner has included a walk-in closet at home planning. The shape is adapted to the living space. Can I-line, extending in line with the wall, L-shaped, or rectangular.

In the large walk-in closet can be designed to connect to the bedroom or even the bathroom dry. Do not forget to display a mirror or dressing table dressing and dress so that activity more leverage.

Material walk in closet is very diverse, can be adapted to the design of the room. In addition to fiber, wood and plywood with finishing melamik or duco is also popularly used. Color and motives are also diverse. Applications can also beautify sandblast glass walk-in closet.

To facilitate the search item in the closet, walk in closet should be equipped lights on automatically when we took the clothes, and died after we came out of the closet. We recommend using a bright halogen lamp whose light and able to show the original color of clothes in the closet.