Overcome Blackheads On Face Must Not Expensive

Pretty face would have to start with healthy skin. The presence of acne and blackheads will make your face look dull and not beautiful. There are many ways you can do to cope with blackheads, such as using a night cream, peeling, scrubbing, or laser.

Apparently dislodge blackheads from the face can be done naturally, without having to try an expensive method.

Use the tools that hygienic
Blackheads are languishing in the pores can not go away and must be removed so as not to clog and cause acne. Indiscriminate squeeze can also cause a great risk for your gorgeous skin. For that, use sterile tools. Currently, there is a special tool used to remove blackheads. Prior to use, sterilize before using alcohol.

Drinking water
If you are lazy to drink water, blackheads are reluctant to be expelled. Water can help the production of sweat which will help push out blackheads from the pores of your face.

Consumption of fruit and vegetables
Many of the nutrients you can get from fruits and vegetables to give maximum care for the skin. Vitamin E, A, and C will help the regeneration and nutrition, so skin becomes fresh and healthy again.

Diligent cleaning the rest of the make-up
Get used to taking the time to clean the rest of the make up and wash your face before bed after a long day of activism. In order for the skin to breathe and relax after a hard day must be confronted by the make-up.

Face masks
Juice of lemon can help open the pores and clean the remaining dirt inside the pores. Face mask at least once a week so reluctant to settle old blackheads on your face.

Use tea tree oil
In addition to powerful in addressing acne, tea tree oil can also prevent new acne. Apply to the forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks, so the area does not become a new nest for blackheads and pimples.

Rinse with water tea
Wash your face twice a week with the tea. High content of antioxidants in tea can also make your skin fresh and soft.

Beautiful face without blackheads you are now able to make happen without the expensive fees. Good luck!