Tomboy Women Also Need to Make Up Face

The women can not be separated from a solid outfit and matching makeup. Make up is closely associated with femininity to improve performance. No matter if you are the type of women that are feminine or tomboy, makeup needs to be applied on the face. Both full-and simple method.

For those of you who tomboy, does not mean do not need make-up. Because there will be a moment where you have to dress nicely without having to leave your identity that is not too feminine. To simplify the method make up for girls tomboy, here are some tips from Vemale summarized below.

Lip color
You can daub beautiful colors that are not too flashy to provide distinctive touch women on your appearance. Providing light outward displays the freshness and life effect on your makeup.

BB cream
As women spirited tomboy, apply foundation, powder and makeup base may become less practical. To that end, BB cream can be an alternative to give the impression of a beautiful and healthy face. Because the BB cream color concentration is high enough, you can blend a little moisturizer and a BB cream to get a more natural on the face.

Hair Care
Hair care is a necessity, so that you always look clean and tidy. Women not mean to be lazy tomboy hair care. If you do not want the hassle of caring for hair, just choose a hairstyle that will not bother you, such as practical short haircut.

Blush on
A little color on the cheeks can make you look more alive. So you do not look like someone who just woke up. No need with thick, just a little outward appearance alone can give pseudo natural on your cheeks.

Eye liner
The application of eye liner can reinforce the shape of your eyes. By using eye liner, at least you do not need to daub the eye shadow to stay beautiful appearance but still casual.

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