5 Remarkably Successful Ways For Making Money In Photography

If you like to take photos, you’ve probably wondered if there is some way you can profit financially pursuing your hobby. After all, you see pictures everywhere, right? In publications, on billboards, on product packages and more. And if you’ve ever said to yourself “people must get paid for those somehow”, you’re correct. It’s possible to be making money in photography, and there are several ways to do so. Keep reading for a summary of a few of the best ways.

Portrait Photography

The easiest way to start making money in photography is to set up your own portrait studio. Individuals, families, friends, and even people with their pets come into your studio either by appointment or as a walk-in, and you take pictures of them. This can be an extremely successful way of making money in photography, but it does take time and effort to become established. It also takes some investment. If you want to set up a portrait studio, you’ll need to pay for the space, pay the utilities for that space, and buy or rent lots of studio equipment like photo backdrops, props, and specialty lighting.

Real Estate Photography

Another promising method for making money in photography is to take photos of real estate. These types of photographs are often utilized by real estate agents, brokers and home owners when they’re trying to sell their property. Sometimes you can even market your services to insurance agencies and they will assign you to take photos of homes and property that are getting a new or replacement insurance policy.

Magazine Photography

This is another widespread type of photography, but many people don’t give it a second thought. Magazines are looking for photographers and great photos just like they are looking for writers and great articles… and they’re willing to pay for them. Some magazines pay small amounts for photos while others pay $100 or more for each one.

News Photography

This way of making money in photography is a fabulous option for someone living in a busy urban area, especially if you really like getting out and seeing what’s going on. With this type of photography, you market your photos to newspapers, so the photos must be newsworthy in some way. You can take photos of a car accident for instance, a fire or other emergency situation, or of public officials and famous people.

Product Photography

This is also called catalog photography, because you’re almost always taking photos of products and those are most often used for sales catalogs. From time to time businesses will hire photographers to take product photos for packaging or other advertising materials too, such as the company brochure.

As you can see, there are a number of ways of making money in photography. Unfortunately, they’re not usually as quick, simple or easy as they might first sound. In most cases you need to develop the talent and skills first, then you need to build up a reputation. You’ll also need a portfolio of your photography work. Once you have these basic things, you’ll also have a good idea of what types of photography you like best, and this will help you decide your preferred way to start making money in photography.