5 Tips Comfortable Breastfeeding in Public Places

When was busy streets in the mall, suddenly want to breastfeed your baby? Now no need to worry anymore for breastfeeding in public. Consider the following 5 tips to feel comfortable when breastfeeding your baby.

When was busy streets in the mall, suddenly want to breastfeed your baby? Sometimes it is a problem if the mall does not have a nursing room.

Breastfeeding your baby is also often a problem if you’re in crowded places, such as supermarkets or tourist sites. But now it does not have to worry anymore. There are many ways you can do to stay comfortable while nursing your baby in public. Here are 5 tips:

1. Use Nursing Cover / Breastfeeding Apron
Since a few years, the trend apron breastfeeding among mothers. The form was chic that is not only comfortable but still look beautiful when worn. How to use it easily, simply hang up the apron feeding into the neck, and put the child into a feeding position. With apron breastfeeding, your baby can drink milk anytime and anywhere.

2. Breastfeeding in Cars
When your child suddenly thirsty, immediately go to your car. Sit in the back of the car and turn on the air conditioner. Listening to music can also make relax while nursing.

This method is a little bit inconvenient. This can be done if you are really uncomfortable to breastfeed in public.

3. Keep Appearing Polite
Flier but forgot to bring an apron breastfeeding? Stay calm. There are only a few people are uncomfortable seeing a mother breastfeed. But that does not mean the mother can take her clothes off at will while nursing a baby.

When that happens, try feeding with your shirt open slightly. Cover the exposed breast with baby blankets. If no, a small towel or baby clothes in the bag can also be used.

Before doing this, see the first situation around. Do not attract too much attention while nursing your baby. Just relax so that other people do not pay much attention to what you are doing.

4. Select the Place
Want to breastfeed your baby while you are eating at a restaurant? Try to choose a seat in the back and the wall. Sitting in the back will be less attention.

The selection of places to breastfeed in public places is quite important. The place chosen should not be too crowded, but still comfortable.

5. Breastfeeding in Room Change
Dressing room could be a convenient choice of breastfeeding. The place is usually deserted and enough to enter you, your child and the older child. While the nursing sister, her sister get busy playing alone with no glass in the dressing room. Do not forget! should ask permission to breastfeed there on local officials.