8 Ways to Overcome Disease Syndrome office workers

Tired and unwell after work, not only due to the work of the many. It can also occur due to unhealthy work environment.

Office was not the place as clean and healthy as we think. The office is a nest where the development of various types of diseases. For example, when a person with the flu, the disease of the week immediately overwrite the other.

Which is a source of cool air makes wrinkles. The computer that is the source of information is the thing that makes you miserable and strained eyes. Carpets and furniture are dust nest. Even the paint fumes coming out
of painting on the wall is a poison that can slowly make you feel sick and without lowering the performance of your work.

To address these threats, try to practice some of the tips that from health following 24 to avoid sick office syndrome or syndromes office:

1. Let your desk illuminated by bright light
Keep your desk near the window, because the bright light of the sun is very good for health and work comfort. If not, keep your desk close to incandescent bulbs so that everything can be seen by the eye coverage.

2. Open the window of your room
Good ventilation will affect the health office and also yourself. If your room has a window, you should leave it open so that air is not humid and stuffy room.

3. Turn off all kinds of office equipment when not in use
Laptops, PCs, copiers and fax machines are electronic devices that emit electromagnetic waves that can adversely affect several diseases such as hypertension, anxiety and malaise. So, turn off these items when you do not need.

4. Place the plant near a computer or your desk
A study by NASA researchers revealed that some indoor plants such as Bamboo Palm (Chamaedorea Seifritzii), Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) and Spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) can
absorbing gases and harmful pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichlorethylene from the air around the room. Greenish tint can also soothe and relieve tired and exhausted due to see the computer continues.

5. Minimize use of air conditioning
Keep the AC room is not too big so you do not cold. The air that is too cold can make the skin dry and cracked. Better wear a bit thick or using a fan to reduce wrinkles on your face.

6. Try to smoke in the smoking room or outside office
Make sure your office space is protected from secondhand smoke, because the toxins in cigarettes can be attacked by the body and the equipment in your room. Extractor fan in the room smoke should be checked and serviced regularly. Do not forget to clean the litter from cigarette ashtray too.

7. Avoid toxic materials in the room
If you want to decorate the room by placing a painting or furniture, make sure it does not contain chemicals that are toxic. Use cloth or woven goods, carpets and furniture that does not contain the chemical element would be better. Tell also the office boy in the office that you do not use cleaning materials that are toxic

8. Just look around the room
If your job requires you to look at the computer every day, do not forget to set aside time every 20 minutes and look around you for a few seconds. This can make the tendons nerves and relaxes your eyes are not strained.

Work it keeps the body and mind become tired and drained. But do not let your work environment also increase fatigue and even cause your health at risk.