Also be slicked Intimate Organ

The genitals sometimes escaped from care, but is the most important area of ​​the body. Now, vagina care is becoming a trend of beauty. Have you ever heard of vaginal brooming? As the name implies, vaginal grooming done to enhance women’s intimate area.

Not just the face alone that need care, vagina it also needs a little polishing. If you’re curious, check out the following six trends to beautify the vagina, as summarized from Health.

Pubic Hair Coloring
If you get bored of scalp hair coloring, you might try coloring pubic hair. The skin in the genital area are more easily irritated than the scalp, but some women still want to do it.

Whiten vagina
Type of whitening treatment with vaginal be one type of treatment is quite popular with the women. However, you should know that the bleaching or whitening can cause problems irritation, blisters, and skin burns. Exposure to chemicals is not good for the health of female sex organs.

Type of beauty treatment is done by placing crystals or glitter in the area of ​​women’s intimate. The goal is to enhance your appearance in the vaginal area. Although this trend has been discussed many, but some women are still hesitant to do vajazzling. They fear it would interfere with sexual satisfaction when having sex.

In addition, women are not recommended to have sex, especially for those who choose the complicated and full of vajazzling. Vajazzling ideally can last for several days.

Brazilian waxing
Brazilian waxing is a type of waxing is done to eliminate some or all pubic hair. However, if not careful, it could hurt waxing genital skin is very sensitive and delicate. In addition to risk injury, you also have to be more careful in choosing waxing salon that offers a safe and hygienic care.

Pierced vagina
Piercing, or piercing, it can be done in all parts of the body, including the vagina. The clitoris, inner and outer labia, or the perineum into the genital area most frequently pierced. But this is certainly not safe. Piercing can increase the risk of infection if not done correctly. Piercing tool should be cleaned periodically with a solution of antiseptic and hygienic should also be maintained.

Vaginal Surgery
Now, women can perform plastic surgery to change the shape of their vagina, such as shortening or lengthening the labia or clitoris tighten. However, such operations may increase the risks, such as the appearance of scarring, permanent disfigurement and painful nerve damage. After doing an enlarged labia, women will have trouble doing basic activities, such as sex and riding a bike.

Shown attract every woman would desire, especially in the presence of their partner. Interested to try the method above beauty?