Beautiful Display On Dry Skin

There are various techniques to create a makeup look on your skin looks so perfect. However, use of make-up also needs to be adapted to the type of skin, especially for those who have dry skin.

Dry skin can cause a variety of skin problems,  pimples, and blackheads, so as to make your appearance to look dull. In order to keep the maximum facial appearance, here are some tips that you can do on dry skin, as quoted from Boldsky.

Cleaning the face
Whatever your skin type, do not forget to clean your face, either before or after putting on make up. Wash your face before going to eliminate up dirt on the skin, while cleaning up after the rest of the make-up will help the skin cells to breathe and clean the remaining dirt.

Use a cleansing milk
We recommend that you use a cleansing milk to clean your face 10-20 minutes before you make up. Because milk cleanser can help remove impurities, residual soap, dead skin cells and moisturize the skin. So that the skin will not look dry and dull.

Blend foundation and moisturizer
In order for your dry skin look more beautiful, you should mix foundation with moisturizer. When applied to one of them then maybe the skin may look pale. But do not use a lot of moisturizer, so that the face does not look oily.

Avoid creamy concealer
Creamy concealer is not suitable for dry skin, because it can make the face look oily. If you want to hide blemishes, dark spots, or acne scars, you can choose the type of foundation that is lighter, like a liquid concealer.

Blush on
Also avoid using gel blush, because it will be hard in the face. Choose a cream blush with a light stroke on the cheek. Keep in mind that you need to avoid the use of cosmetics in the form of powder or solid (compact) if you have dry skin.

Avoid heavy makeup
Owner dry skin should avoid using too much make up. Try using a thin makeup to prevent skin looks oily. Also, do not ever repeat makeup without cleansing first.

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