Beautiful Face In Hijab Wrap

Who says wearing hijab then it becomes more difficult for women to look beautiful? Do not worry, because there are many different ways you can do to look perfect with the scarf.

Many women are still confused about how to be able to perform with a beautiful face glow even veiled. For day-to-day appearance, you would not need to make up applying too thick and heavy. For that, try these tips from Vemale summarized below.

You can use a liquid foundation evenly, or can also use BB Cream that are now widely available in the market which can make the skin a glowing effect. Then apply concealer under the eyes to give the impression of bright. Give the dark shading in the area of ​​the nasal bone, below the cheekbones, and a little below the chin, then smooth with a sponge.

Try slumbering youth silver eyeshadow on your eyelids. Greed little purple eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eye, and give black eyeliner to define the eyes. Choose eyeliner gel eye effect that can provide a more clear and tidy.

If you find it too dry lips, use a lipbalm with thin. If you want to daub lipstick, choose one that is not matte but not too glossy, the color of soft pink or soft colors such as nude. Because your eyes are quite striking with makeup on top, the lip is only require natural appearance alone.

Using blush will make you look fresh and bright. Choose a natural color according to your skin, like the color pink, and no need to polish blush on too thick.

Trim any eyebrows if you have thick eyebrows but less neat. No need to use your eyebrow pencil eyebrow when volume. Meanwhile, for those who have thin eyebrows, your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil black or brown.

By doing so, you are ready to undergo daily activities with a beautiful face radiant. Good luck!