Cosmetic Ingredients unique in the World

Generally, the cosmetic is made of materials safe and free from harmful content. But, did you know that there are cosmetics that contain unique ingredients, like insects? Although there was a strange, apparently content insects in cosmetics are harmless. In fact, the insect has its own benefits for beauty. Interesting is not it!

What else other unique ingredients contained in cosmetics? Check out his review below, as summarized divinecaroline,


One of the most frequently used content on the cosmetics industry is emollient, lanolin, which is an organic compound that provides protection for chapped skin and moisturizes dry skin. So the body lotion is often derived from sheep. Wax secreted from sheep lanolin. The way it works, after sheared fleece and fur squeezed then produce lanolin.

Crushed Insects

Carmine is a natural red dye obtained from female beetles were still small. Actually, the content of beetles in cosmetics safe, but for some people can be allergic to these substances. Apparently, the content of insects to produce a dye that is also found in foods such as yogurt, juice, candy and other food products.

Sharks vomit

Who would have thought, an expensive perfume turns made from shark vomit. Although sound disgusting, but it turns out the fish vomit produce ambergris, a compound that produces a musky scent in perfumes. Interestingly, if the perfume contains ambergris perfume is definitely exclusive and expensive (especially the French perfume label eau de toilet). While cheap perfumes, generally made of synthetic fragrances that are less good for health. Fortunately, scientists have discovered other materials like pine sap recognized better than vomit sharks.

Pepper Oil

A substance called capsicum is the secret ingredient to make the lips look more glossy and make thicker lips effect. Often after using lipstick or lip gloss lip feels like a bit of shock. That’s because these ingredients are derived from pepper oil.

Those are some unique ingredients, but rich in benefits contained in cosmetics.

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