Eliminate Doubt Wearing High Heels

Not a few men who think that women who wear high heels or stilettos would look more beautiful. Because when wearing shoes with heels makes the body becomes more established.

You might want to be one of the lovers of high heels to look beautiful but confused how to wear it properly. To that end, here are some tips that quoted from Vemale follows that every move with high heels boots were not rigid and comfortable use.

Practice makes perfect
Practicing will make your feet more accustomed. When you first put it on, try lower heels. Shoes with low heels will not make you afraid to fall. When you are used to, try higher heels until it reaches the size that makes you comfortable.

Size fit
Heels with a size that fit will keep your feet comfortable and not tense. Shoes that are too small or large have the same level of risk when forced on your feet. Choose shoes with a good cushioning in the leg and the right size, so convenient to use while walking.

The road slowly
Sauntered will also make your legs get used to. When first learning to use heels, try on my spare time so you are not rushed. Walk slowly with small steps to get you familiar with these shoes.

Shoes or sandals backup
Do not forget to bring a spare flat shoes or sandals to help you if it is within a few hours you can not stand it when using the heels. Closed shoes and dipped it will make your legs more tired.

Avoid blisters
If it turns out you have scuffed your shoes, you should start selective in choosing shoes. Some shoes are cheap generally designed with layers in uncomfortable shoes. For that, choose the right shoes as an investment in your health and fashion.

Do not force if you feel uncomfortable, because it uses high heels does have risks. Most important is that you wear comfortable shoes on the feet.