Extreme Beauty Rituals Ancient Nan

Many women think that being beautiful is a difficult thing, but not so. Even most women believe that being beautiful it hurts. Some tribes in the world is imposing a beauty ritual that could be considered extreme.

Here are some unusual traditions of several tribes in the world, which it explained that ‘beauty is pain’.

The slim hips gives the impression of sexy and feminine for women. Corsets be one way to create the impression that women in the hip. In antiquity, the use of corsets is extreme and painful. The women tried to reduce the size of their waist by wearing a super tight corset. As a result, waist and abdomen so it looks very sleek and small.

Foot binding
The ancient Chinese women have never had a bizarre beauty rituals, which shall bind their feet. The smaller the feet of a woman, then he is considered more beautiful. So they look graceful swing steps and feminine and show their social status. For poor families, the culture is only applied to the oldest daughter to immediately get a husband who raise their status.

This ritual began in the end of the 19th century. However, the reformists soon against the horrific practice before entering the beginning of the 20th century.

Mauritania fat women
Do hope you can be beautiful in Mauritania, as parents there think that fat girls will be favored by men because it can provide a lot of offspring. Hence, their daughters were given plenty of food and milk fat so fat fast.

Ring neck
Tradition is no less extreme beauty is also found in the tribe Padaung (Kayan Lahwi). The women there would be beautiful if it has a long and slender neck. Therefore, the Kayan women began wearing a metal ring around his neck since the age of 5 years, that the longer the more as they age.

Aside from being a marker of beauty, many metal necklace which extend their necks also indicate social status. This tradition was still done up to now by the tribe that stood between Burma and Thailand.

Spreading the ear
Indonesia also has an interest to apply the standard of beauty that is not common, which have long ears. Dayak women have long ears because it uses metal rings since young. Tradition adopted by the Dayak tribe is not much different from the Kayan tribe, many earrings also indicate social status and age. The longer the ears, so he was more beautiful.

Head bandage
Modifying the physical structure, especially the skull, very popular in ancient times. This tradition is usually done by a tribe of ancient Egypt, Aboriginal, Huns, and Maya. The process of elongation of the skull began in infants aged six months.

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