Greet the New Year with a new look

Still in the Christmas mood while waiting for the end of the new year come course everyone wants to look perfect. There are some people who have to prepare the best clothes to wear when the new year arrives, some are busy thinking hairdo.

For those of you who want to try to change the order and coloring hair, but still retain the original color of hair, can try to use some touch of color. So that later you are not wrong to choose the right coloring, can try some of the following tips.

Know Your Skin Color

Most of the dyes highlight just consists of two categories, namely warm and cool colors. Therefore, you must know the type of skin colors, whether warm colors or cool colors. To find out, compare fabric bright colors like light blue on your skin. If the face looks fresh, meaning it has kind of a cool skin tone. If the skin looks fresh while wearing earthy colors, such as orange, meaning of colors including warm your skin.

Knowing Your Hair Color

After knowing the color, you have to know the hair color. This is to adjust the highlight color. Choosing the right color is important in order to highlight key can highlight your hair and skin color so it looks pretty.

Proper Selection of Colors

Choose a color slightly darker or lighter than the natural hair color. If your skin is dark brown and dark red is the best choice. If your skin tends to be honest, kind of caramel color highlights will look fabulous on your hair.

Conducting Consultation With Hairdresser

If you are still unsure what color highlights you want to use, do not hesitate to take the time to consult with a hair stylist, to get the right color. They are much more experienced, and will certainly give you the best option.

Basically, the hair very big role to further refine appearance. Because of that, in doing this really highlights to watch out for. It would also make the appearance look fabulous and you look more confident.

May be useful!