How To Take Care Nails With Right

Caring for your body is no exception regarding all nails. Caring for nails is very important to look more attractive and looks stunning. However, her nails not only make you look more attractive. But it is also important for healthy nails and cuticles. The cuticle has a function to protect the skin. The cuticle is actually a skin that acts as a barrier and prevent infection-causing bacteria sneak into the nail. Clean and manicured nails will quickly grow long so as much as possible to clean your nails all the time even just cleaning the edges only.
Just like our skin, nails also need moisture to avoid drying out. Nails that will dry easily broken and the color is more dull. To moisturize and take care of your nails, take a few drops of hair conditioner to the fingernails. Conditioner will make it more pliable cuticle and shine. Soak your nails in warm water after being given a conditioner for a few minutes. Conditioner and warm water bath to help soften the skin and nails. In addition, you can also use olive oil to clean your nails.
Take a few drops of olive oil into the warm water and soak your hands or nails into it. Olive oil is useful for treating nail and cuticle repair are rapidly lost moisture after exposure to water, for example, in the bath. After soaking nails, dry nails with a cloth or a clean dry towel. Use a soft cloth to dry the cuticle that is not broken. Once dry nails you can cut your fingernails, but avoid cutting cuticles. Cutting cuticles can cause infection of the nail so that you avoid it as much as possible.
If you are a fan of nail polish, preferably before painting your nails, your nails clean up first like the above. After a new clean nails you can paint your nails with nail polish. Avoid using acetone as this may damage and make the nails and surrounding skin becomes more dry hands. Clean up all the rest of the nail polish is completely gone. Although nail polish painted but must be maintained at all times clean . If the nails are dirty it many germs and bacteria that easy to attack us.