In order Could Letting & Peace with Ex-Lover

Reconciled with ex-lover does not mean to go back to him. Rather, try to accept the situation and volunteered that the he is no longer your lover. It is not easy, especially if the break is not so good romance.

However, trying to make peace with the situation and a former lover into a powerful way for you to lead a normal life without feeling resentment. It was also a way for you to more easily move on. It’s her tips on how to be at peace with him who has hurt you.

1. Disconnect for a Better Life
Realize, every end of a love affair provides new opportunities for you to get a better man. It’s hard to live without the prior day always together, but you have to fight and do not spoil the feeling. If that relationship is doing is not healthy, full of lies, often cheated, he’s too selfish or rude, believe that ending the relationship was the right decision to get a better life.

2. No Need to Find Out their About
The best way to reduce all feelings is to not find out he’s living now. When she looks fine without you, would you be more miserable and upset, and vice versa. If you know he’s upset or sad, you actually will feel guilty and it is not possible you try to contact him again. For that, stay away from while in the real world or the virtual world can be a solution. That’s because you need to neutralize emotions first, until the end it is ready to make peace and forgive him.

3. Live a Life of Your Own
After the break up, you do need time to grieve. But remember not to continue to be lulled by feelings of sadness and misery. Do not grieve too long, you should have a target when you have to start your life again, a week, two weeks or three weeks after the breakup. After that stand up and try to move on to keep myself busy and doing new activities that you like.

4. Forgive Yourself
Before trying to forgive others, forgive yourself. Bring negative feelings keeps you thinking evil ex and it will not change things, but it makes you more upset. Try to accept the situation, keep your negative feelings and begin to forgive myself.

5. Tried as Friend
When you have been able to get through the down and out all the negative feelings have been ‘decomposed’, you can be friends with her try again . You may not get too close, but at least you have started to greet or just lip service. Never fall for the story then. For that, consider him as a new person that you know and do not have a past with him.