Makeup Mistakes Women According to Men

In any case, putting on makeup is important for women. Not just to make it look beautiful, but also to keep it presents a fresh look. But when in a hurry, you do not realize that it had made a mistake in makeup.

Could be a shameful thing to realize is that if it is a man. Of course you do not want that happening. For that, check out some of the following errors in the dress, which is often encountered by men.

Excessive perfume
Perhaps the intention is to perform fragrant and comfortable around other people, but what happened instead make others intoxicated aroma. Men are like close to women who smell good, but that does not mean you have to spray perfume so much into the body. Try to note the power of your perfume, if it is too strong, 1 and 2 spray was enough.

More white makeup of the neck and hands
If you want to have a brighter display, then do a thorough treatment of the body. Do not just emphasize fair skin makeup on the face alone. Because if the white face makeup more than the neck and hands, your appearance rather than look pretty, even seem odd.

Foundation was not tidy
You need to understand how to use and choose a good foundation and in accordance with the color of skin. There are some results that make makeup look more whimsical, such as a foundation that can not be mixed with color, or finally cracked after a couple of hours covered by the powder. Because the powder and foundation makeup to dominate you, it most certainly can be seen in his eyes.

Lipstick and eyebrows are too thick
Sometimes women want to emphasize the display on eyebrows or lips. However, if one applies the color is too dark or bold, then it will make your appearance look old and ‘antagonist’.

Not that you should not use a solid color, but need to be adjusted so as not to cause facial impression. Lip gloss is too glossy will also make him think that you do not clean up the greasy fried foods.

Smokey eyes excessively
Makeup on the eyes too often overlooked by men. When the eye makeup, you really should not be indiscriminate in the experiment. Due to the wrong makeup can give the impression of excessive, or even as your eyes look like bruises.

Therefore, make sure that you have immaculate makeup before they go out. No need thick makeup, pretty light and thin but still beautiful and fresh. So you can look confident.