Natural Ingredients To Beautify Feet

Although located at the bottom, legs still add value to one’s beauty. However, the density of daily activities often make legs look unkempt. Not to mention the rainy season which could increase the risk of foot infection. In the end, the foot becomes smelly, itchy and flaking skin are some of the common problems encountered.

Unfortunately, getting pretty feet craving fairly not cheap. Now, rather than failing to beautify your feet due to cost constraints, you try to take care with natural ingredients are easily available below, as reported by allwomenstalk. Guaranteed, do not make perforated bag!


Soaking feet in a mixture of vinegar can be a recipe for an easy and inexpensive housing. According, you just need to prepare materials such as containers, vinegar and dishwashing liquid. How, to prepare warm water lukewarm in a container, then pour one cup of white vinegar and dishwashing soap. Soak feet for 5-10 minutes. After a damp, clean with water, then dry with a pat manner using a soft towel.

Baking soda

In addition to vinegar, you can also use a solution of baking soda water to obtain a soft foot. Prepare a container with warm water, add half a cup of baking soda. Soak feet for 30 minutes. Then wash and dry.

Lotion and socks

Other simple materials that can be used is lotion and socks. Before going to sleep, make sure your feet are clean and dry. Apply lotion evenly across the foot. Then, use your socks for sleeping. If done regularly, legs pretty soon you get.

Peppermint oil

According dailyglow, peppermint oil works to kill bacteria, soreness in the leg, and ankle that also heals chapped. Apply peppermint oil to the soles of the feet are broken regularly. Make sure your feet are clean and dry.


Site explained that cucumber can help moisturize the feet. To obtain the benefits quickly, you can use cucumber that has been refined to apply to your feet dry.

Good luck!