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Look beautiful can be applied in any view, not least the women are veiled. Maybe you’re still relatively new to the veil pinned on the head and clothes were covered over, but that does not mean you should be embarrassed and feel strange.

So you can be more comfortable in her new look, check out the following tips that can facilitate the move to a Muslim in view nan understated.

Comfortable clothing
The first thing that matters is comfort dressed in the situation. Wearing a long dress for the first time will feel uncomfortable if you do not choose clothing with a skin-friendly material. For that, wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident.

T-shirt material, cotton, chiffon and light could be an alternative. Choose a model that fits in the body, not too wide as bed linens, but not too tight. The important thing is you are free to move and must cover the entire body genitalia.

Prepare equipment hijab
With the new look, you would need to gather all the supplies hijab. Do not rush to buy everything if you really can not, collect gradually. Starting from the critical, such as inner and hijab with a base color, to trinkets and patterned pashmina or a growing trend.

Comments person
The new look will certainly bring comments and responses from others, both positive and negative. It is a natural thing. But that does not mean you do not look nice, it’s just that some people do not adapt to your new look. Do not be discouraged, because over time, you will find a style hijab appropriate and comfortable with your own character.

Hijab fashion is now experiencing a lot of growth. It’s no surprise that many veiled women look beautiful and angun a growing trend in the modern era. Some are still using classic hijab style is simple and simple. There is nothing wrong, what matters is your comfort and appearance comes from a Muslim heart, not just for style only.

Join the community
Many communities are present in Indonesia hijab lately. If they feel less confident with your new look with a veil, try to join them. You also can get and share info and tips pretty veiled. In addition, the hijab communities also usually have an agenda other meaningful activities, such as lectures or other fun activities together.

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