Other Uses Of Shine Nail Polish

In the treatment of the body, the very tip of the finger was not immune slicked. Nails is often targeted to enhance your appearance. To be painted nails remain in a healthy state, you also do not forget to clean it every day.

Apparently, liquid nail polish remover not only has the functionality to remove old paint nails only. This solution is even effective for removing stubborn stains on clothes. As quoted from Boldsky, here are some other uses of nail polish remover.

Remove any residual glue
Glue usually like to stick on your skin after use, even with a strong stick. You also become difficult to remove. But do not directly withdrawn or exfoliated, because it can be harmful to your skin. Try this, dip cotton into cleaning solution and rub the nail on the affected skin glue.

Removing stains on kitchen appliances
Several types of spices, particularly turmeric, can leave marks on your kitchen appliances. To remove it, just drop it nail polish remover on cotton and rub on your cookware.

Clean the tiles
Because the floor is the part that is often crossed, tiles can look dirty and yellowed look. Take it easy, you can clean up stubborn stains by rubbing the surface of the tile with cotton that has been soaked by nail cleaning solution.

Removing permanent marker stains
There are two types of markers, permanent and whiteboard markers. Certainly leaves a permanent marker stains impossible to remove. However, you can remove it with a few drops of nail cleaning solution.

Clean the metal products
Of course you already know that the metal product is susceptible to rust, mildew, and bacteria. However, it turns out that regular nail cleaning fluid you use can also be useful for cleaning metal products.

Try to practice and see the results. Good luck!