Overcome Hair Loss After Childbirth

Naturally, women will experience postpartum changes. Hair loss, from moderate to severe, to be one of the common problems that are often faced by women. In addition to the effects of hormonal changes, causes of hair loss after childbirth is a lack of certain vitamins and minerals intake or prolonged stress, so that the blood circulation to the hair becomes less smooth.

Although generally temporary and will be back to normal in a few months, but some proper treatment can certainly help you solve the problem optimally. What are the ropes? Consider the following guidelines, as summarized from various sources.

Consumption of vitamin E
Besides as antioxidant, vitamin E may also help blood circulation, lowers testosterone levels in women so that the process of hair loss can be reduced.

Use a hair tonic
One solution to overcome the problem of hair loss is to provide a hair tonic to add nutrients to the hair follicle, while strengthening hair roots. Choose a hair tonic that does not contain alcohol, which can actually make hair dry. Hair tonic and non-alcoholic drinks can be easily found at pharmacies nearby.

Improve nutrition
Eating foods that contain koenzym Q-10, iron, and some other healthy foods such as whole grains, vegetables and fruits, is very beneficial for blood circulation in the scalp which can help overcome post-partum hair loss. Koenzym Q-10, or also called vitamin Q, is an antioxidant that is produced from seafood. In addition to helping overcome the loss, these vitamins can delay the process of aging hair.

For those of you who have long hair, it is better to cut hair shorter in order to reduce the load on the scalp, as well as hair loss.

Good luck and hopefully useful!