Photography, Something For Everyone

If you love nature and people you can use photography to capture those images forever. Photography makes a great hobby and it also has a professional side.

If we go by the theoretical definition of photography, then it is a method of making pictures with the help of action of light. This is done by light patterns reflected or emitted from any objects are captured against a sensitive medium exposed for a time, mainly cameras.

The product that is received from photography is called photograph, it is also abbreviated as photo or sometimes just called picture taking.

There are certain specific devices that are needed in photography. These are:
2.Lens. There are different types of lenses- telephoto, macro, wide angle, zoom.
3.Filters, scrims & Flash
4.Dry box
5.Tripod (optional, not always needed)
6.Last but not the least photographic films.

Photographing has its popularization from the time of industrial revolution, when the demand for portraiture emerged from the middle classes. A Frenchman produced the first photographic image in 1826. In the nineteenth century one saw photography as a rapidly developing commercial service.

Photography has its uses for many people in different ways, for example, take scientists and artists. Scientists use it for making accurate recordings need for their work, while artists use it for its photo chemical representation of reality. On the other hand, military, police and security people utilize photography for observation & supervision, data storage etc. But basically photography is being used to keep memories of good and favorite things as a basis of amusement.

Photography can be of many types. 1. Color photography, sometimes called color film. 2. Digital photography. It is the modern form of photography practiced with the help of digital camera. We can also classify photography into a. motion picture photography b. still photography c. aerial photography and d. Satellite photography. Motion picture photography, also termed cinematography is photographic arts and techniques, which is used in making motion pictures.

Aerial and Satellite photography is sort of science and technology that helps in taking both still and moving-picture photos from cameras, generally placed on a high altitude, like rocket or spacecraft. It is mainly useful for military purpose.
Still photography is an art of producing permanent pictures on a light-sensitive material.

There are several other forms of photography- Documentary Photography, Fashion Photography, Fine art Photography, Photojournalism, Stock Photography, Street Photography, and many others.

Photography has always been considered a form of art & the aesthetics of photography has always been a favorite topic of discussion in the artistic circles.